Partition hard drive for mac os x install

How you use it depends how quickly, or not, that space fills up and whether you need to add more space — either internally such as upgrading to an SSD , or connecting to one or more external hard drives. One thing you may not know is that the Mac boot drive is already partitioned. In all fairly recent models, the boot drive contains a secret partition that includes the macOS Recovery System, some essential Mac first aid tools and an installer, should, for any reason, your macOS fail to install or reboot.

One of the main reasons for implementing a partition is to run more than one operating system, such as macOS on one and Windows on the other. Or you can run two versions of the same OS in both sides of the partition, all from a single disk. Each disk drive, with its own volume, is found and treat separately in the Finder. Once you know how to partition a hard drive on Mac, or how to partition an external hard drive on Mac, you can format and manage them separately, effectively giving you two computers within one.

Although, if you want to use the other volume to run an earlier version of your Mac — which you can, using Time Machine, the volume for that side has to be twice as large as the space it requires. Most users find they have way more clutter and junk than they think. Between old folders and documents, images and videos, apps taking up space, hundreds of email attachment downloads and local iOS backups, many people find they have at least 62GB of junk they simply don't need.

Boot Camp is especially useful if you want to run Windows on your Mac. With Boot Camp comes Boot Camp Assistant, a handy app for partitioning your hard drive space so that one disk drive can run and operate macOS, and the other, Windows.

Following the on-screen instructions of this Mac app, you can partition your hard drive or SSD space to ensure that Windows will run smoothly on your Mac, almost as if it was operating on a native Windows PC or other device. Disk Utility is another Mac application that will repair and, as needed, partition disk drive spaces.

Step Two: Securely Wipe Your Hard Drive (Optional)

You may also notice that there are two predefined sizes to choose from, via the two buttons located just below the display of the partitions. You can click the 'Divide Equally' button, which, as you might have guessed, will split your drive in half, using half of the available space for Mac OS X and half of the available space for Windows.

How to install Linux on a Macintosh and dual boot with macOS — The Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide

This, of course, assumes that there's enough available free space on the drive to split things equitably. Alternatively, you can click the '32 GB' button, which is a good general-purpose choice for a Windows partition, again assuming you have enough free hard drive space to create a partition this size. Share Pin Email.

Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. Click the icon for the hard drive that will be the new home for Windows. Adjust your partition sizes. Partitioning a drive usually takes some time, so be patient. Continue Reading. I clicked the Continue button and went through the license agreement stuff. I agree. Then the 'Choose which disk' screen came up. Further along in this window is a spot telling me which disk it will install onto. Since I am typing this from memory, I can't remember which disk it chose by default.

Regardless, there was a "Show all disks" option right there, which I clicked.

Increasing a disk partition on Apple OSX 10.11 El Capitan

This showed all available disks for possible installs. I found and selected the ExtSSD as the proper disk. Moving once to the right was some text that confirmed my choice. Right after that I clicked the Install button. I knew that this process would take a little while and restart the computer as part of the install. So I finally have time to make a cup of coffee. As a side note, most OS and app installers will require much more space on the destination drive than just their own file size.

As a rule of thumb, it's best to have about three times the amount of space as the file size of the installer.

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Most installers act like a type of compressed archive. They unpack all kinds of stuff onto the target drive, then use the stuff to install themselves. Then they clean up afterwards and delete themselves. Before installing a larger install, always check the available space on the drive first.

Mac OS X 10.5 and later with no changes to the partition scheme

Also, it doesn't hurt to back up an installer somewhere else before running the install. You can re-use it for other installs without having to download again. The SSD was now going through the normal install process. After a little while, the Mac restarted from the SSD to finish the install. My Mac screen suddenly became really bright. This means the remainder of the install is taking place.

It should be the normal 'Installing macOS Mojave' screen with the progress bar. I pressed Command-f5 to see if VoiceOver would come on yet, but it was too soon. Yup, this was the correct screen. After just a few minutes I tried VoiceOver again and Fred began reading the screen and letting me navigate. About 15 minutes later, my Mac restarted again, except this time it was starting up from the SSD drive. As it came up to the desktop, the normal setup screens began, as if I had just turned on a new Mac. When I had created the user name and Admin password for this install, I was careful to use exactly the same names as I did on my internal drive, even the Home folders are named identically.

This way I don't have to type my user password every time I access the internal drive. Once the basic setup was complete, I spent a little time going through the VoiceOver settings and tweaking them how I prefer. If I had thought about it, I would've been smart to export my VoiceOver preferences as a file. Then I could have simply imported them into this install. It would have sped things up quite a bit, but, I can't remember everything. Well at this point I still had lots of settings to change in System Preferences, but first I wanted to get some stuff from the internal drive.

Um, except that its not on the new desktop yet. Oh, I still have one more step. In this small window are four buttons in the Toolbar. I clicked the first one, General. In the window portion it said "Show these items on the desktop".

How to and Why You Might Want to Partition Your Mac's Hard Drive

The remainder of this window depends on your particular likes. Then I returned to the Toolbar and clicked the 'Sidebar' button. I chose which items I want to show in the Sidebar of every Finder window I open.

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I chose mostly the same stuff, but it depends on your likes. Once more into the Toolbar and I clicked the Advanced button. Below I always choose one option, 'Show all filename extensions'. This shows the '. Now I know most files and what they are simply by landing on them with VO. External SSD. VoiceOver is on. That way, I can get to my internal stuff without navigating through so many folders.

Even though the start up slowed down a bit after I installed all my apps and stuff, plus Dropbox loading at boot up, it still boots at least five times faster than with the internal drive. After reaching the desktop, loading apps and files is now, almost instantaneous. I load Safari for the first time in a session, it takes less than three seconds to load and is ready to use. It is an amazing difference!